Friday, October 1, 2010


You gotta love the government.  Only bureaucratic paper pushers could come up with an incentive program (read between the lines; "incentive program" translates to - "handing out taxpayer dollars") that requires the people receiving the incentives to first purchase something that is "CCHIT Certified®"

In a nutshell, part of the HITECH Act which was part of ARRA (or the "stimulus" bill)  provides qualifying health care providers and hospitals incentive payments to transition to electronic health records.  One of the criteria for qualifying is that these providers have purchased a "certified electronic health record system." 

The federal government needed an entity to certify these products so they turned to CCHIT or the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology.  According to the CCHIT website:

"CCHIT Certified®, an independently developed certification that includes a rigorous inspection of an EHR’s integrated functionality, interoperability and security. Products that are CCHIT Certified® are tested against criteria developed by the Commission’s broadly representative, expert work groups."
I don't really have anything against the incentive program, I just think it's funny that the government is essentially telling folks to buy certified CCHIT.  Seriously though, did the people creating this organization and acronym not think when they were picking a name?  If they went with CCHIT, I can only imagine their short list of name top contenders:

Foundation for the Use of Computer Charts or FUCC
Association of Select Surveyors for Electronic Systems or ASSES
National Uploading Transmitting and System Approval Commission or NUTSAC
Federation of Automated Records Technicians or FART

This blog entry is certified CCHIT.  Please see attached certification identification:


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