Friday, May 7, 2010

Victory is MINE!!!

Ok, I've gotten a little bit of rest from my string of all nighters and working two jobs and feel like giving some props where they are deserved. After they completely missed the boat (pun intended) on their initial media coverage of the Tennessee flooding, a couple of the main stream media news outlets have issued some mea culpas.

This morning on Fox and Friends the gang admitted that they has let the media frenzy surrounding the the attemped bombing in Times Square take over their air waves mostly because the themselves (meaning the media) are mostly based in New York. They then had Governor Bredesen on live from downtown Nashville to talk about the situation and promised to not let the story slip from the headlines.

Also, Anderson Cooper himself came to Tennessee to do stories about the flooding. On-air he also admitted that CNN had let the story slip through the cracks when they shouldn't have.

One last media outlet that decided to cover the flooding - E! News. They had a phoner with Kenny Chesney. Apparently his house was completley destroyed. Just giving credit where credit is due.

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