Sunday, May 16, 2010

Because of resounding demand.....

I have an overwhelming amount of readers on this blog (at least zero to 2 readers per entry) and I have speedily posted a massive amount of entries in a short time. I mean, come on, I've had this blog going for over a month now and I already have a total of 4 - yes 4 - posts up. That's just shy of one entry every seven days. Well in order give the laundry lists of readers what they are demanding, I've decided to start a SECOND blog.

Don't worry though, this one will still be kept up-to-date at it's usual exhausting pace. I just had a moment of unexpected enlightenment today when I was walking downtown after dinner at our favorite Ukrainian-owned Italian food restaurant (if you live in Nashville, you the type of place I'm talking about. These places have a menu with everything from tacos to pasta primavera to hamburgers to gyros to sushi on the menu). As I was walking home I spotted a velvet rope-protected red carpet with a few dozen camera-equipped people in eager anticipation. Being in Nashville, you pretty much know there is some country music event going on and you are about to get a star sighting.

Well what do you know, a few minutes after becoming a camera-toting-eagerly-awaiting-velvet-rope-restricted person myself, who walks down the red carpet but Brad Paisley. A few minutes after that Dierks Bentley and a few minutes after that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman stroll down the red carpet - on the safe side of the velvet rope of course. Luckily my awesome parents had just bought me a mini video recorder for my birthday and I captured their crimson guided walk from the Ryman to the Convention Center. The thing is my new device has a lens that swivels so as each star got close to me, I could turn the lens and capture them and me in the same shot. Being the complete nerd that I am, each time that happened I would provide the commentary "It's me and Brad Paisley" or "It's me and Dierks Bentley".

That got me thinking, hmmmm I end up running into country music artists from time to time in Music City, and I am no where near cool enough to not ask them to take their picture with me when this situation occurs. Therefore I have a few of these pics already and will most likely turn up the nerd volume and continue to take video of these unfortunate people when I see them. Hence the birth of my new blog "It's me with...". My hope is that it will be able to live at www.It'


  1. Now you're up to three :) Love it! (your blog that is)

  2. I said-"Hahahahaha! I can't wait to read about who will get to meet you next.

    "EssGee ~ Aka ~ CajunQueenie