Sunday, May 16, 2010

Because of resounding demand.....

I have an overwhelming amount of readers on this blog (at least zero to 2 readers per entry) and I have speedily posted a massive amount of entries in a short time. I mean, come on, I've had this blog going for over a month now and I already have a total of 4 - yes 4 - posts up. That's just shy of one entry every seven days. Well in order give the laundry lists of readers what they are demanding, I've decided to start a SECOND blog.

Don't worry though, this one will still be kept up-to-date at it's usual exhausting pace. I just had a moment of unexpected enlightenment today when I was walking downtown after dinner at our favorite Ukrainian-owned Italian food restaurant (if you live in Nashville, you the type of place I'm talking about. These places have a menu with everything from tacos to pasta primavera to hamburgers to gyros to sushi on the menu). As I was walking home I spotted a velvet rope-protected red carpet with a few dozen camera-equipped people in eager anticipation. Being in Nashville, you pretty much know there is some country music event going on and you are about to get a star sighting.

Well what do you know, a few minutes after becoming a camera-toting-eagerly-awaiting-velvet-rope-restricted person myself, who walks down the red carpet but Brad Paisley. A few minutes after that Dierks Bentley and a few minutes after that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman stroll down the red carpet - on the safe side of the velvet rope of course. Luckily my awesome parents had just bought me a mini video recorder for my birthday and I captured their crimson guided walk from the Ryman to the Convention Center. The thing is my new device has a lens that swivels so as each star got close to me, I could turn the lens and capture them and me in the same shot. Being the complete nerd that I am, each time that happened I would provide the commentary "It's me and Brad Paisley" or "It's me and Dierks Bentley".

That got me thinking, hmmmm I end up running into country music artists from time to time in Music City, and I am no where near cool enough to not ask them to take their picture with me when this situation occurs. Therefore I have a few of these pics already and will most likely turn up the nerd volume and continue to take video of these unfortunate people when I see them. Hence the birth of my new blog "It's me with...". My hope is that it will be able to live at www.It'

Friday, May 7, 2010

Victory is MINE!!!

Ok, I've gotten a little bit of rest from my string of all nighters and working two jobs and feel like giving some props where they are deserved. After they completely missed the boat (pun intended) on their initial media coverage of the Tennessee flooding, a couple of the main stream media news outlets have issued some mea culpas.

This morning on Fox and Friends the gang admitted that they has let the media frenzy surrounding the the attemped bombing in Times Square take over their air waves mostly because the themselves (meaning the media) are mostly based in New York. They then had Governor Bredesen on live from downtown Nashville to talk about the situation and promised to not let the story slip from the headlines.

Also, Anderson Cooper himself came to Tennessee to do stories about the flooding. On-air he also admitted that CNN had let the story slip through the cracks when they shouldn't have.

One last media outlet that decided to cover the flooding - E! News. They had a phoner with Kenny Chesney. Apparently his house was completley destroyed. Just giving credit where credit is due.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey There Anderson Cooper - Just wanted to let you know the State of Tennessee is now Lake Tennessee

Unless you have been......well anywhere besides Tennessee, you probably know that there has been massive flooding throughout the entire middle part of the state since this weekend. What really blows my mind is that the national news IS BARELY COVERING THE EVENT!!!!!! At first it was described as a 100 year flood - meaning you only see a flood of this magnitude once every hundred years - but now it appears to be more like a 1,000 year flood because of the sheer size and number of people affected. And again, the national news is hardly touching it.

There have been two other big national issues - the attempted bombing in NY and oil spill off the coast of Louisiana - but seriously this flood is a big freaking deal. Local TV news in Nashville has had pretty much wall-to-wall coverage for days now, more than thousands of people are living in shelters (this doesn't include the thousands of others who are staying in hotels or with friends or family), 5 waterways have hit record levels, several of the bars and businesses off historic Broadway are flooded, the Opryland Convention Center has several feet of water in it, entire sections of the state were marooned, boat loads of people had to be evacuated from the ATTICS AND ROOFS OF THEIR HOMES and hundreds of motorists were trapped on interstates for hours on end.

Dare I say it? Is this a case of the left wing liberal media elite being biased? It may be a stretch but I really have no other estimation as to why this story is being ignored nationally. So the left wing part - the big bad oil industry is killing the poor fishies. Not to say that the LA story is not newsworthy - it is - but it is either on the same level of the flood or little maybe a level or two below. Now the media elite part - to the MSM (main stream media) it only matters if it happens in New York. Again, the attempted bombing is a big story and should be covered, but if this happened in downtown Omaha would it get the same attention by the MSM? I think not. I mean come on, it's scary and all but the FREAKING BOMB DID NOT GO OFF.

Well Tennessee, it time for you to step up to the plate. If you want to get media coverage for a massive natural disaster - probably the biggest since the national media even existed - you need to do one of three things 1) Be able to blame some evil capitalist 2) Make sure it in some way impacts the Columbia and Berkley Journalism grads in Manhattan or 3) Screw up the rescue and recovery efforts so badly that years later the Ninth Ward is still uninhabitable. There. I've said my peace.